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Freelance photographer and filmmaker, extreme sports enthusiast. Author of short narratives and documentaries, short stories (most of them where published), music videos and commercials.

Works with agencies: Laif, Forum, Art&commerce/Vogue, Stern

Academic lecturer in film production.

He was studying at National High School of Film, Theatre and Television in Łódź

The winner of the scholarship of film A. Munk Foundation

2 Scholarshipfrom the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Press releases in Stern, Newsweek, Forbes, Success, National Geographic, Art Yes, Focus, Your Style, Style,Mirror, Why, Gala, Traveler, General Weekly, Usta, published books and illustrated books.

First Prize and Gold Award at Prix de la Photographie Paris: P×3 2017 for Book”Zamkniete”

Award in Grand National Geographic Contest 2015 in Ixperia Art movie category.

First prize in Feature shoot international contest “Abandoned places” 201

2 Nominations in the Grand Press Photo 2013

Second prize in the News Feature category for a series of culture “Venomous” 2010

Third prize in the Fishaj Extreme sports photography contest 2014

Grand Prix in the category of the document for the film “Camera obscura – wstęp at your own risk.”